Our motto:
“Create  simple and detailed instructions for cooking Indian recipes using an Instant Pot.”
About us:
Namaste! Welcome to out Instant pot website!
I am Sandhya.My husband, Karthik and I make Instant Pot Videos as a hobby.
The first video we ever made was so that my husband(who is a beginner) would have a reference for cooking when I have to travel for work. We shared the video with a few of our friends who encouraged us to upload it on Youtube. A lot of people thanked us for making our first video, “Vegetable Biryani” and that inspired us to make more videos.
We try to keep make our recipes/videos as beginner friendly as possible, because some viewers are new to the Instant Pot and some are new to Indian cooking and some to both. We try to show the list of ingredients for clarity, as some spices used in Indian cooking have multiple names.
We hope you try our recipes!
Thanks and good luck!
We would love to hear from you. Please email us pictures of your success stories at sandhya19@gmail.com.
-Sandhya and Karthik