Instant Pot Rasam and Rice | Pot in Pot | One Pot Meal

Rasam (pronounced Ra-sum) :

Rasam is south indian soup, usually made with tamarind as a base. The word Rasam is actually a tamil word which mean ‘taste’ or ‘juice’.In the neighbouring states of Karnataka, rasam is also called as ‘Saaru’, which also means ‘taste’ or juice.Likewise in the telugu speaking states, where its some times referred to ‘Chaaru’. Rasam can be had as a soup, and its also eaten mixed with rice. In some south-indian families, rasam is as much a staple as rice itself, and is made fresh everyday. Rasam is renowned for its many health benefits. The various seasonings aid in the clearing of nasal passages, much like chicken soup, and the tamarind base is rich in vitamin c and is great for the immune system. An interesting side story about the word Tamarind is that it was coined by Arabian traders who visited India centuries ago.Perhaps the color of the tamarind reminded them of the date palm that they had back home, they referred to tamarind as ‘tamar -e- hind’ which translated to “dates of india”, and at some point, that became its name.


Pot in Pot

PIP is a very popular feature of the instant pot. You can cut down the number of utensils and cooking time in half by cooking things(that take a similar amount of time), by cooking them together. Since both white rice and rasam takes a similar amount of time they can be cooked together.



For Rasam:

Cumin Seeds 1 teaspoon

Mustard Seeds 1 teaspoon

Ginger garlic paste 1 tablespoon

Curry leaves 5/6 leaves

Green chilies 4,slit (skip this if you dont want rasam to be spicy)

Coriander powder 1 tablespoon

Turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon

Rasam powder, 1 tablespoon

Chili powder 1 tablespoon

Oil, 2 tablespoons

Onion, half a medium sized one,diced

Salt , as per taste

Tomatoes , 2 medium sized, diced

Tamarind juice/water. (This can be made using either use 2 tbsps of tamarind pulp and diluting it with a cup of water or soak a fistful of raw tamarind in warm water)

For Rice:

I used Sona Masoori Rice.

One cup of rice needs 2 cups of water.


Step 1: Saute the rasam base.

Turn on Saute mode to preheat the liner and then add oil. Once the oil is hot, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, green chilies and onions. Add salt and turmeric powderLet them saute for a minute. Add ginger garlic paste. Let it saute for a minute. Add red chili powder, rasam powder, coriander powder and add the tomatoes.Let them saute for a minute The objective of this step is to cook the base via “reduction”. The water will evaporate and the hot oil will fry the masalas, thereby intensifying the flavors.

Step 2 : Add the tamarind wate.

Add the tamarind water/juice. Add around 3 more cups of water

Step 3: Pressure cook for 8 minutes.

Turn on manual mode.Place the pot holder and the rice pot and put a lid on the rice bowl.Set the timer to 8 minutes and make sure the whistle is in sealing mode.

Step 4: NPR for 15 minutes.

Do a NPR for 15 minutes. Release the rest of the pressure via QR and wait for the safety valve to drop, before carefully opening the lid. Set the rice pot aside. Garnish the rasam with cilantro/coriander leaves

Serve hot! Serves 4 adults.


1.Rasam goes well with rice, idlis, dosas, etc. It can be consumed as a soup, as well.

2.If you wish to make just the rasam, all the other steps would still be the same and it would still take around 8 minutes to pressure cook.



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