Instant Pot Khichdi



2 cups of rice, soaked in water.
1 cup of moong daal(split green gram), 30 min
potato, 1, diced
tomato,1, diced
red onion, half,diced
4 green chili ( birds eye chili) (Reduce/skip if you dont want the khichdi to be “spicy”)
coriander leaves
curry leaves
baby carrots
handful of cashews
cumin seeds 1
Garam masala powder, 1
Red chilli powder, 2
Turmeric powder, half teaspoon
Black pepper powder, half teaspoon
Salt, to taste
2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
2/3 tablespoons of butter/ghee


1 Turn on IP and switch to Sauté mode.

2 Add butter/ghee and once ghee is hot, add cumin seeds and cashews and fry them a little

3 Next add the following, one after the other, mix them well and let them sauté a little:
Green chilies, onion, curry leaves, potatoes and carrots

4 Next add Turmeric powder and ginger-garlic paste and sauté them well.

5 Next add tomatoes

6.Add the garam masalas: pepper powder, garam masala powder and chilli powder

7 Next add the moong daal and the rice to the base mix.

8 If you prefer the khichdi to be mushy and soft, add 5 cups of water to the mix. If you want it to be harder, reduce quantity of water.

9 Add Salt as per your taste

10 Switch to manual mode, set to 12 minutes, make sure whistle is in the sealing mode.

11 Do a QR to let out the pressure and switch off the IP.



Serve hot!Garnish with cilantro leaves/onions!
Serves 4 adults.

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