Instant Pot Indian Style Tea | Zero Baby-sitting Masala Chai

Ironically, one of the things that unites secular diverse India, the land of a hundred languages is a remnant of Imperial British rule;Indian Style Tea

The story of this tea is that in the 1800s, the Brits loved their tea but didn’t like the fact that they had to import it from China, which had a monopoly on the tea market. The British realized that the Eastern Indian States of Assam had the kind of climate that was suitable for the production of tea and created the Indian Tea Association. Tea production grew rapidly.

In the early 1800’s, 90% of the tea consumed by the British was from China, by the early 1900’s, it fell to 10%. The Indian tea estates were owned by the British and they propagated the concept of “tea breaks” throughout British India. The concept stuck, and tea is now more popular than Cricket(another British remnant).We Indians being Indians, spiced up the tea with ginger and cardamom, partly to make it healthier and partly to improve the taste.

Today, India is a nation of tea drinkers. There are people who prefer coffee over tea, but they are a minority.Most families drink small quantities of tea multiple times a day.Guests are offered tea alongside cookies and chat.Most often tea is made in just one way, and everyone partakes as is, with minimal customization.

It can almost be said, that making tea has been the bane of many a Indian housewife’s existence. Almost everyone who has made tea on the stove has had to deal with having to cleanup the tea spills and stains.

Making tea on a stove top in a uniquely crafty process, and there are many ways to screw it up. Making tea on a stove top requires the patience of a saint and the focus of a chess master, as the minute you take your eyes off of the vessel, the tea which has acted tame until now, will suddenly overflow, flood the kitchen, flow down the street, set an orphanage on fire and destroy a historical monument just for the heck of it. Those dark times have now come to an end, thanks to the Instant Pot.No more baby sitting! No more clean up! No more mess!


The instant pot shown in this video:

Instant Pot Mini Mitts:


2 cups of milk Sugar,

2 tbsp (or as per taste)

Black tea powder, 1 tbsp (

Grated ginger(Optional)

Cardamom Pods – 2 (Optional)


1. Pour 2 cups of water in the liner, place the trivet,and place the pot containing the milk in the liner.

2.Turn on Manual mode, and set the timer to 5 mins.Set the whistle to Sealing mode.

3.NPR and open the lid, after the safety valve has dropped.Strain the tea using a tea strainer and serve!

Serve hot!


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