Instant Pot Idli and Idli Batter Fermentation


Here is how to make Idli Batter and Idli using IP.

Bonus Clip: Recreating the Solar Eclipse using Idlis!


1 cup Urad daal (split matpe beans/

2 cups of Idli Rava(Cream of rice/

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 6.39.00 PM.png

1 teaspoon of salt

Water , as per discretion


1.Soak the Urad dal and Idli rava in water for 6 hours.

2.Add a teaspoon of salt, and grind the urad dal into a fine paste, while adding few spoonfuls of water while grinding if required.

3.Leave the batter in the IP to ferment for at least 8 hours/or overnight, in ‘yogurt’ mode, with whistle in venting mode.

4.Layer the idli trays with oil/ghee, pour a cup of water into the liner and turn on ‘Steam’ mode.

5.Steam the idli trays in the IP for 10 mins, with whistle in venting mode.

6. Turn off Steam mode, remove the trays and serve!


  • Makes 24 medium sized idlis.
  • Serve hot with Sambhar/Rasam/Karam Podi/Coconut chutney/Peanut Chutney/tomato Chutney
  • For kids, idlies can be served with tomato ketchup or Sugar!


1.Only small batches should be fermented in the IP.Large batches will overflow and clog the IP. To ferment, the batter needs to placed in a warm environment.One popular technique is to leave the batter in an oven overnight with just the oven light on for around 8/9 hours. ***********************************************************************

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