Instant Pot Carrot Halwa | Gajar Ka Halwa



The story of Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa is an Indian dessert made using carrots, milk and sugar. There are plenty of variations, that use other vegetables,fruits and nuts as a base. Due to its bright color it is tremendously eye catching, like a traffic cone, albeit, much tastier!

Its a common fixture in many Indian restaurant buffets/menus, due to its popularity. Yet Carrot Halwa wasn’t always orange in color. The word, “Halwa”, comes from the Arabic word, ‘halwar’ which means sweetmeats.It was introduced to India by Arab Invaders and it gained popularity under the Mughals, who ruled Northern India between the 15th and 18th century.Back then carrots were mostly either purple or white.

Then the Dutch came over and they introduced orange carrots to India. The orange carrots were inherently tastier and when combined with then existing cooking methods, it created the famous Orange Carrot Halwa, now enjoyed the world over.

Making Halwa on a stove top requires boiling the carrots to mush, and then reduction to a thicker consistency.This process would usually take more than 3 hours.Pressure cookers made it easier and the Instant Pot makes it a breeze. From the 15th Century to the 21st century, this humble dessert has sure come a long way!

Pro-Tip: Carrot Halwa and Vanilla Ice Cream are a delectable serving combination.




The Instant Pot I use:

The Instant Pot Mitts used :

The Food Processor that I use:

****************************** Ingredients: ******************************

Shredded Carrots, 2 cups

Milk, 1 cup

Sugar , Half a cup, (adjust as per taste)

Handful of cashes and raisins (optional)

Cardamom powder, 1 tsp

Condensed Milk, 2 tbsp

Ghee, 2 tbsp



1.Saute the Cashews and raisins.

Turn on Saute Mode, adjust the temperate to ‘low’, and then add ghee.

Once the ghee is hot, throw in the cashews and raisins.Saute them till the cashews become light brown and raisins start to balloon up.At this point take them out and keep them aside.

2.Saute the carrots.

Add some more ghee to the inner pot if required and then throw the carrots into the pot.Saute carrots for a few minutes.Then add the milk and condensed milk.

3.Pressure cook the carrots

Switch to Manual mode, and set the timer to 6 minutes.Make sure the whistle is in Sealing mode.

4.Saute(simmer) the carrots.

Let the pressure release naturally and open the lid after the safety valve has dropped.Switch back to saute mode and let it simmer.

Add sugar as per taste

Once the halwa is close to reaching the desired consistency, add the elaichi powder, cashews and raisins. Continue to stir to avoid burning the bottom.

Once it reaches the desired consistency, turn on IP.

Serve warm or cold alongside ice cream or by itself!


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